Episode Seven: Mid-Year Review (with Fanboy News Network!)

Posted on Aug 09 2014 in Episodes

Welcome back, fellow fear fanatics! This time, we’ve got a special crossover episode for you with Jeff Harris from our sibling podcast, Fanboy News Network!

Since we’re already halfway through 2014, we sit down and take a few minutes (seventy-six of them, to be exact) to talk about what the first half of the year has brought us in horror.

Join us as we debate the merits of watching horror movies in the theatre vs. watching them in more intimate settings, find out why Montoure enjoys going to preview screenings most of all, and as we praise theatre/restaurant/bar combos like Cinebarre. We talk about the renaissance of short films, and how they can be the new calling card for up-and-coming directors.

Aside from our usual horror movie fare, we talk about the recent proliferation of horror on television, including Hannibal, True Detective, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Dexter, Penny Dreadful, and The Strain! And finally, we touch briefly on immersive real-world horror events such as The Great Horror Campout (which you couldn’t pay us enough to go to, honestly) and Halloween Horror Nights!

Sit back and enjoy the episode that nearly caused Fanboy News Network’s first use of the explicit tag! “We love swearing!”


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  1. Funny to hear you guys talk about Legion – that film was shot at my college and my friends and I were cast as extras. The casting call was for “dirtbag rockers.” We showed up in the clothes we had worn that day and the costume department loved our ‘costumes.’

    It rained that night and on our way out of the shoot around dawn we saw Paul Bettany walking back to the trailers in the lovely New Mexico mud.

    All things said and done though… I don’t think a single one of us ever bothered to see the movie. It seemed like it would be bad.

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