Episode Eighteen: Shout at the Devil!

Posted on Feb 09 2015 in Episodes

Hey, everyone! Join us as we delve into the occult reaches of a subject that …. it turns out we don’t really know a lot about! (I resisted the urge to say, a hell of a lot about. Don’t you admire my restraint?) This time, the subject on deck is Demons, Devils, and Possession, and while that idea sounded good when we first discussed it, our research soon showed that there were approximately one million films on this subject in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s that we just flat-out have not seen.

Regardless, we soldiered on, and we talked about some of the best — and worst! — devilry we’ve witnessed on the silver screen. Enjoy! As always, tell your friends, reblog and retweet the hell out of this episode (sorry — my restraint only goes so far), and if you would be so kind, rate us on iTunes! Thanks much. See you in two weeks!

Other Stuff We Talked About

Here’s the new review Michael mentioned for his novel: Still Life – Michael Montoure | The Reader In the Tower.

And here’s a picture of the Exorcist III art print that Jennifer mentioned. Click the image to view it full-sized. The artist is Slippery Jack, and that link goes to his Big Cartel page if you’d like to pick up a print of your own.


Finally, when we talked about Rosemary’s Baby in this episode, we discussed whether or not you ever see the baby’s eyes. Michael thought we didn’t, and Jennifer was pretty sure that we at least saw a flash of them. Here’s the scene in question, and we do see a quick flash of inhuman yellow eyes — but Michael thinks it looks more like it might be a flashback to the face of the devil seen during the baby’s freaky, dreamlike conception scene. Compare the two, decide for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

One Response to “Episode Eighteen: Shout at the Devil!”

  1. I hope you both feel better soon – though I know ennui has no real known cure at the moment. 😉

    Re somewhere to hide the bodies: I am lucky in that I live in Cornwall, which has lots of disused clay pits filled with water in the middle of nowhere. At my old work we had this discussion and decided they would be the perfect place to dump a body, as even if they floated the chances of people stumbling upon them would be quite low. These are the conversations Government employees have when all the phone lines are out….

    I agree completely with Jen’s feelings on Night of the Demon. I am a M R James fan and I was quite enjoying the film but showing the demon I felt did not do it any favours and really ruined the tension for me.

    As for Rosemary’s Baby, I think the film shows a flashback to the conception scene, but in the book I think I remember the baby’s eyes being mentioned in detail. Also in the book as it happens, I feel it makes what Jen was saying about Rosemary showing strength by choosing to be a mother to the baby a lot clearer.

    Satanic and occult-themed horror is one of my favourite sub-genres, just after ghosts and vampires. It most likely comes from being exposed to Hammer films from a reasonably young age (God bless Friday and Saturday night TV), I still consider The Devil Rides Out one of my favourite films despite its dated effects. Less so To the Devil a Daughter, but I still like it. I’ve yet to read the Wheatley novels though I do own them. And continuing my discussion of relevant films that I like but are probably crap (I love trash), there is 5ive Girls (which I just think is fun), Session 9 and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness which you may have discussed previous podcasts but I can’t remember, Mirror Mirror (1990) has a possessed mirror which leads to a charming lonely goth girl making a pact with a demon, and a Japanese occult horror called Hiruko the Goblin. Onmyoji/The Ying Yang Master is about the Japanese occult and has a possession in it. Shikoku also has this. In fact, if you also count spirit possession in this there is Isola (Japanese), Reincarnation sort of fits too (Japanese) and The Ghost (Korean).

    I will wrap this up by thanking you two for bringing Banshee Chapter to my attention, I watched it last week and really liked it. I’m surprised more horror films haven’t utilized the inherent creepiness of numbers stations.

    Oh, and the volume was better this time around, thanks!

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