DRtL Episode 22: Curses and Premonitions!

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Welcome back — finally — to Don’t Read the Latin! We’re back after something like a solid month of not-podcasting, so let’s see if we still remember how to do this! We would have had this episode done much sooner, but we were delayed by Michael’s illness and then Jennifer’s surgery, almost as if we were …. cursed. Hmmm.

Anyway! Join us as we wax rhapsodic about It Follows, visit Jen’s Documentary Corner, and talk about the renaissance of excellent synthesizer-based horror soundtracks we’ve been getting lately. (And, not coincidentally, talk about Jen’s love of collecting movie soundtracks on vinyl.)


Music Bonus!

Here are a couple of links to the albums that Michael mentions this episode:

That second one is pay-what-you-want over at Bandcamp, so definitely check both of them out for retro synth-y goodness.



There are a couple of listeners we wanted to thank — first of all, thanks to commenter Kylie for her suggestion of Noroi: The Curse, which Michael watched based on her recommendation. Fun movie!

Secondly, many thanks to the listener who ran into Michael at Emerald City Comicon and told him this was her favorite podcast! Very, very cool. You made our month. (He didn’t catch your name, though! Let us know who you are!)

Please Stand By

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If everything had gone according to plan, you would be reading the show notes post for the latest episode of Don’t Read the Latin instead of, well, this.

But as it happens, last week, Jennifer and Michael played hooky from their podcast recording session in order to go see It Follows, which is fantastic, by the way, and you should totally blow off your responsibilities and do the same. Check out Jennifer’s review.

Our fall-back plan was to record tonight instead and get the podcast out by Friday, but Michael has fallen deathly ill  and quarantined himself in his condo, and next week Jennifer will be out of town, sooooo …. we don’t know right now exactly when our next episode will be.

But fear not, Latin Club! We absolutely pinky-swear that we will get our next episode to you as soon as humanly possible — or inhumanly, if necessary. We miss you, too.

So sit tight and watch this space, and join us next time for Curses and Premonitions!