Check out the new hotness: Tagged Movies!

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So, remember how in the posts for episodes, there would (usually) be a list of movies mentioned in that episode, where the titles were (sometimes) links to the IMDb page for that movie?

Well, now we’ve got something even cooler — and even easier for us to create when we post a new episode, so we should be able to do it consistently from now on. We’ve replaced those lists of links on our existing posts with WordPress tags, and the archive page for each tag now lists every episode with that tag, and it pulls in details from IMDb automatically!

See for yourself — check out a few of our most-discussed movies: Oculus, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Babadook, and The Guest.

This is a feature we’ve been wanting to add for a long time, and we’re excited to finally be rolling it out. Hope you find it useful — we know we will. Mind you, since this is brand-new, there will probably be a few bugs in it, still — so if you see any problems, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

DRtL Episode 33: Horror Romances!

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Wooo-hooo, look at us! We swore we would have a new episode ready in two weeks and by God we actually did it.

Inspired by our recent viewing of Crimson Peak, this time we’re taking a look at Horror Romances! Even though the course of true love never quite runs smooth in a horror movie — it’s hard to give someone your heart when they really do want your heart, and they’re willing to use their sharpest knives to get it — we’re cuddling up as close to this topic as we can get. Do join us, won’t you, dear?

DRtL Episode 32: The 70’s, Baby!

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Welcome to the latest, almost hilariously overdue episode of Don’t Read the Latin, with your hosts, shiftless ne’er-do-well Michael Montoure and Magical Girl Jennifer Lovely! I know we keep saying this, but we will, hell-or-high-water, be going back to our normal bi-weekly schedule following this, even if someone has to die. (Not one of us, ideally. It’ll be no one you know, don’t worry.)

This time out, grab your bell-bottoms and your disco shoes, because we’re going back to the 70’s! Even though the 70’s are not our favorite horror movie decade (that would be the 80’s), you could make a strong claim that it was the best, with a high number of standout classics. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Recommended! As far as new movies go, there are two we’ve seen lately that are both super, super-fun, and we highly suggest you give these two a watch ASAP: Tales of Halloween and The Final Girls. Four thumbs up. (That’s two from each of us.)