DRTL Episode 41: Doubles and Doppelgangers!

Posted on Apr 25 2016 in Episodes

No, you’re not seeing double — this really is another episode of Don’t Read the Latin, after just two weeks! On time, in other words! Believe me, no one’s more surprised by that than we are. Won’t you both sit down? Wait, weren’t there two of you just a moment ago? We could have sworn ….

Oh, well. This time out, Michael Montoure and Jennifer Lovely, your Twosome of Terror, have doubled down on their research to bring you Doubles and Doppelgängers, a look into the twins, clones, shapeshifters, and other creepy identical duplicates that have graced the silver screen over the years. Grab a pair of headphones and give it a listen. If you like it, don’t forget to leave us a comment. Or two.


Bonus Features

First up, here is the short horror film that Jennifer mentions, Doppelganger:

…. Which is by the same director as one of our favorite horror comedy shorts, Meat:

And lastly, for that extra Creep Factor, check out this article about real people who allegedly encountered their paranormal doubles throughout history: 10 Disturbing Tales Of Doppelgangers!

3 Responses to “DRTL Episode 41: Doubles and Doppelgangers!”

  1. Hi guys! I hope you get this comment; for some reason my attempts to type in the “Name” field aren’t working. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I particularly enjoyed your doubles and doppelgangers episode, and I was wondering if you could post a link to the YouTube mirror scare compilation you mention. So far my attempts to find it have led to jump scares involving mirrors, rather than scenes where the reflections move independently are are otherwise *wrong.*

  2. Okay, same poster — as you probably guessed from my previous comment, clearly I *was* entering text in the Name field, I just couldn’t see it onscreen. I’ve figured out that if I doubleclick in the field, then I can read what I’ve typed. So, that happened.

    Looking forward to your next show!

  3. You know I think you have found the one that I was discussing, It was just all the little spooky uses of mirrors in horror


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