DRtL Episode 58: Crypticon Post-Mortem!

Posted on May 16 2017 in Episodes

Another year, another Crypticon has come and gone! Your horror hosts Michael Montoure and Jennifer Lovely always make attending this Seattle convention a priority, and this year was no exception. This year marks Jennifer’s first appearance at a convention as a panelist!

This episode, we talk about our experiences at the convention, both good and bad. (Mostly good!) We hope you’ll check it out — and we hope you’ll join us at the convention next year!

(There’s not much of a media list this time — we talk briefly about movies and TV we’ve seen lately, and those are listed below.)

The Media List

Movies and television shows mentioned in this episode:

2 Responses to “DRtL Episode 58: Crypticon Post-Mortem!”

  1. Great discussion. It was wonderful seeing you both at Crypticon! I do agree with Jennifer that women in horror need more support to have their voices heard. For February aka women in horror month I started a stream called Ghoul’s Night Out that is female horror lovers talking all things horror. I have continued to have the stream twice a month bringing in new women every show. I’d love to have you join us sometime, Jennifer if you’re interested. It’s a lot of fun!

    Looking forward to seeing you both at Crypticon next year!

  2. Yes yes yes!

    Reach out to me at jenniferrlovely@gmail.com!

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