Podcast update!

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I have decided  to extend my hiatus into summer. I plan to come back with new episodes and new guests and relaunch Don’t Read the Latin and celebrate the new format that was created in the last year. See you all then!

We are back up! (I hope)

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The crazy site migration is all done, and hopefully everyone’s feeds will be back to normal shortly (iTunes is lagging behind, naturally). We have a new RSS feed, http://www.dontreadthelatin.com/feed/podcast which is also linked to above on the site buttons. You may need to refresh, or even unsubscribe/resubscribe if it’s not showing up properly soon.

Now, to work on editing this long 100th episode so it can go up next week!

A Message From Montoure — Stepping Back For A Bit

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Hey everyone, Michael Montoure here. It looks like there’s a new episode all finished that should be going live today, and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I’m not one of your hosts this time, and unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly when I will be back on the show.

I have a lot more going on in my personal life than I did when we first started the podcast, and it’s been getting more difficult for me to find time to sit down with Jennifer and record new episodes. Worse still, I’ve been having a harder time managing to sit down and watch any new horror movies in the past several months, so, ultimately, I feel like I don’t have a lot to say about current horror at this point.

So I am taking some time off, and leaving you in Jennifer’s more-than-capable hands. She’ll be joined by a rotating cast of guest hosts, many of whom you’ve heard on the show before, and it’s going to be great.

I’ll be back before you know it, and in the meantime, I’ll get this work-life balance thing figured out, catch up on the latest horror films, and with any luck, get back in the swing of writing a little horror fiction of my own.

See you at the movies!

Please stand by

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Hey, everyone — just wanted to let you know that another episode of Don’t Read the Latin is on the way soon, but there will be a slight delay. We have recorded a new episode, but Michael hasn’t had a chance to edit it yet — and he just lost a much-loved cat due to illness yesterday, so it’s going to take him a while to recover and get back to work. Please join us here next Monday, when we’ll be going live with our Favorite Horror Actors discussion. Thanks for your patience.

Under the Weather

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Hey there, your horror host Michael Montoure here — just wanted to let you know that, once again, recording has been stalled on recording new episodes of Don’t Read the Latin. This time, I’m the one holding things up — I’ve been laid up in bed with a nasty virus, one that I don’t feel like passing on to my co-host, Jennifer Lovely. She’s had enough to deal with lately.

This has been kind of a rough year for both of us so far, and we’re sorry for all the delays — this podcast is supposed to go out every two weeks, and we’ve only managed to put out two episodes in the past four months, so I’d say we’re a little bit behind schedule. But we will be back in the recording booth as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and your support.

DRtL Will Return From The Dead!

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Hello, Latin Club! By now you’re probably wondering when you will ever hear our voices again. Fear not! We are still alive and well. We’ve just had a lot going on in the so-called “real world” — Michael has been out of town and is about to get on the road again, and Jen had an unexpected move to deal with. We will be back with a new episode in late February or early March. Like any good monster, this podcast will rise from the dead once again. Stay tuned!

Don’t Read the Latin Will Return!

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Hey, everyone — sorry to leave you hanging! We are once again in the middle of a small, unplanned hiatus —Jennifer has been having respiratory issues, and Michael will be out of town for most of the next month — but we’ve put our heads together and figured out a recording date that will work.

Our next episode should go live on Monday, September 19th, so mark your calendars. Please join us when we return with our episode on Japanese Horror! Thanks for listening and thanks for your patience!

Check out the new hotness: Tagged Movies!

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So, remember how in the posts for episodes, there would (usually) be a list of movies mentioned in that episode, where the titles were (sometimes) links to the IMDb page for that movie?

Well, now we’ve got something even cooler — and even easier for us to create when we post a new episode, so we should be able to do it consistently from now on. We’ve replaced those lists of links on our existing posts with WordPress tags, and the archive page for each tag now lists every episode with that tag, and it pulls in details from IMDb automatically!

See for yourself — check out a few of our most-discussed movies: Oculus, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Babadook, and The Guest.

This is a feature we’ve been wanting to add for a long time, and we’re excited to finally be rolling it out. Hope you find it useful — we know we will. Mind you, since this is brand-new, there will probably be a few bugs in it, still — so if you see any problems, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

No Podcast This Week

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Just a quick note to let you know that there is no new episode this week. Your horror hosts are bogged down in more domestic concerns — Jennifer is busy settling into her new house, and Michael is out of town housesitting for his sister. Regular service will resume next Monday. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Please Stand By

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If everything had gone according to plan, you would be reading the show notes post for the latest episode of Don’t Read the Latin instead of, well, this.

But as it happens, last week, Jennifer and Michael played hooky from their podcast recording session in order to go see It Follows, which is fantastic, by the way, and you should totally blow off your responsibilities and do the same. Check out Jennifer’s review.

Our fall-back plan was to record tonight instead and get the podcast out by Friday, but Michael has fallen deathly ill  and quarantined himself in his condo, and next week Jennifer will be out of town, sooooo …. we don’t know right now exactly when our next episode will be.

But fear not, Latin Club! We absolutely pinky-swear that we will get our next episode to you as soon as humanly possible — or inhumanly, if necessary. We miss you, too.

So sit tight and watch this space, and join us next time for Curses and Premonitions!