Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 100: Movies That Made Us!

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Hey, Latin Illiterates, it’s our big one-oh-oh, and for this extra-sized centennial episode Jennifer Lovely and Rhias Hall had the wonderful idea to get their friends together and talk about the 5 movies that most influenced their lives.

To that end, they gathered Jillian Venters of Gothic Charm School , Monty Ashley of The Incomparable Podcast Network, Jeff Harris of Fanboy News Network , and lil’ ol’ me, Handsome Husband Jim.

You’ll learn a lot about us as people, how kids are sheltered from violent media unlike in our day (also get off our lawns), movies that were made by piles of cocaine, and hear the shriek of the Man-Bat.

Thanks for listening, folks, and here’s to another 100!

We are back up! (I hope)

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The crazy site migration is all done, and hopefully everyone’s feeds will be back to normal shortly (iTunes is lagging behind, naturally). We have a new RSS feed, which is also linked to above on the site buttons. You may need to refresh, or even unsubscribe/resubscribe if it’s not showing up properly soon.

Now, to work on editing this long 100th episode so it can go up next week!