Episode Two: What Is Horror, Anyway?

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“Does everything fail to be a horror movie? Oh my God, nothing’s actually horror!”

“Why do we even have this podcast — ? All right, folks, that’s it, there’s not going to be an episode three ….”


Welcome back to our second episode, where we decide to tackle a highly subjective and ultimately completely unanswerable question! What is horror? Because we don’t shy away from the hard topics! (We’re not smart enough to yet.)

Join us as we talk about:

  • Watching color films in black and white
  • The War of the Worlds TV series
  • Bleak endings, and when they’re earned
  • Rob Zombie’s learning curve as a director
  • … And something about taking off a dirty dress — ?
  • Movies on the border between thrillers and horror, and Montoure takes a stab at defining the distinction between the two
  • Montoure tries to remember what movie a terrifying scene he remembers from his childhood could possibly be from
  • Jennifer has never read the Internet creepypasta short story “Candle Cove”
  • When the suck fairy comes to visit movies you used to love
  • movies that take a gleeful fun-house approach to their mayhem
  • Horror comedies
  • Horror movie theme ringtones
  • Movies based on real-life horrors
  • Why people don’t help when faced with real-life horrors
  • What movies we’re looking forward to


Episode One: Why We Love Horror

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Well, yesterday saw us off to a good start, when your host Jennifer Lovely posted a link to our preview episode on Tumblr, and it got re-blogged a surprising number of times – largely thanks to Jillian Venters. Thanks, Auntie Jilli! We had nearly 300 visitors, which is nothing to sneeze at. People are already starting to find and follow our social media accounts, which is great to see.

And now, we’re pleased to present our first actual episode! We talk about our backgrounds in horror, how we spent our childhoods growing up with it, and how we each in our own way used it to escape. We also cover some of our early influences, including Stephen King, the Nightmare on Elm Street films, the Friday the 13th TV series, Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, and more. Give it a listen.

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Can you keep a secret?

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Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. This blog hasn’t officially been launched yet. We’re still tweaking things behind the scenes, checking under the hood and kicking the tires.

Don’t Read The Latin is going to be a biweekly podcast from horror aficionados Michael Montoure and Jennifer Lovely. We’re going to be talking about the world of horror – primarily horror movies, but with the occasional look at horror books and television as well.

We’re recording the first episode this week, and it will be online shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the genesis of this project – the episode of Fanboy News Network that first had us as guests, which gave us the urge to have a soapbox of our own. Check it out.

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