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Hello, listeners of Don’t Read the Latin!

I have come to the realization that I no longer have the ability to give my life the attention it needs and also keep a steady output on Don’t Read the Latin.

So, we call it a day after a beautiful 7 year run. Thanks so much for listening.

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 124: Horror With Abie Ekenezar!

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Hey everyone, sorry about being late but there were some audio issues I was trying to fix. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty good now.

Which is a shame, because this episode is pretty damn good if I say so in my completely unbiased opinion! This week’s guest is the fabulous actor and director Abie Ekenezar, and there’s not even a What Have You Watched segment, they just jump right into talking about the PNW film scene, Get Out, and Lovecraft Country. You can find her and get updates on her current projects on pretty much any social media as @babsek79 .

Hope you all enjoy!


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Hello everyone,

On a rather short notice I bought a house. With the work that buying and moving entails, we are going to take a short hiatus.

I love this podcast and love making it. So there will be episodes in the future, just be patient!

Thanks everyone!


Check us out on City of Geek!

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Fell voices echoed in the air, D20s and Star Trek memorabilia were sacrificed, and Jennifer Lovely and Rhias Hall were summoned to the City of Geeks podcast!

We appear on Episode 22, where the ladies join the Geeks to talk about Midsommar and folk horror in general, so head on over there and give ’em a listen!