Please stand by

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Hey, everyone — just wanted to let you know that another episode of Don’t Read the Latin is on the way soon, but there will be a slight delay. We have recorded a new episode, but Michael hasn’t had a chance to edit it yet — and he just lost a much-loved cat due to illness yesterday, so it’s going to take him a while to recover and get back to work. Please join us here next Monday, when we’ll be going live with our Favorite Horror Actors discussion. Thanks for your patience.

DRtL Episode 45: Monster Movies (Part Two)!

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Welcome back, Latin Club! Here’s the episode we know you’ve been waiting for — part two of our conversation about Monster Movies, with our special guest, Jennifer’s Handsome Boyfriend Jim! That’s two episodes in just two weeks! Can you handle that much Don’t Read the Latin? Well, we hope so, because we’re coming at ya, ready or not!

If you haven’t checked out Monster Movies (Part One) yet, you can listen to that one here! Or you can just go ahead and listen to this one now, anyway. I mean, you can do whatever you like, really. Or you could listen to this one and then listen to the first part! It will be like watching Memento! (Note: it will not actually be at all like watching Memento. We don’t know why we even said that. We may have already had too much caffeine.)

As ever, let us know what you think in the comments, tell your friends about the show, and don’t forget to look under the bed tonight!

(P.S. Oh, yeah, by the way — a couple of you have pointed out that last episode had an extra half-hour of silence tacked onto the end of it for some reason. Yeah, we can’t explain that one, either. Consider it …. bonus content, we guess?)

Please Stand By

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If everything had gone according to plan, you would be reading the show notes post for the latest episode of Don’t Read the Latin instead of, well, this.

But as it happens, last week, Jennifer and Michael played hooky from their podcast recording session in order to go see It Follows, which is fantastic, by the way, and you should totally blow off your responsibilities and do the same. Check out Jennifer’s review.

Our fall-back plan was to record tonight instead and get the podcast out by Friday, but Michael has fallen deathly ill  and quarantined himself in his condo, and next week Jennifer will be out of town, sooooo …. we don’t know right now exactly when our next episode will be.

But fear not, Latin Club! We absolutely pinky-swear that we will get our next episode to you as soon as humanly possible — or inhumanly, if necessary. We miss you, too.

So sit tight and watch this space, and join us next time for Curses and Premonitions! 

Episode Ten: It Happened On Halloween!

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“Welcome to DRTL, the podcast that is not about Beastmaster.”

It’s October! It’s October! That means that this whole next month is, effectively, Halloween. We got a little excited.

This time, we’re talking about movies that take place on or around Halloween.  (Yes, including the original Halloween.) How many of them do you think you can watch this month?


Finally here’s a …. a …. Call it a “bonus video.” (It will make sense once you listen to the episode, honestly.)

Episode Eight: Found Footage

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“It’s not like [Rob Zombie] is out there strong-arming small children for their candy money.”
“Although — you can kinda picture that, can’t you?”
“I kinda can, yeah.”

Felicitations, fright fans! Are you ready to face a fantastic festival of fearsome found footage films?

…. All right, that’s enough alliteration for one post. Welcome to another episode with your hosts Jennifer Lovely and Michael Montoure, as we bring you the skinny on horror cinema’s fastest-growing sub-genre, and discuss its strengths and limitations.

Expect chills, thrills, and more:

  • Why found footage films don’t try to emulate Blair Witch‘s improvised scenes
  • Scooby Doo as a gateway drug to horror
  • Our guilty fondness for the recent Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated series
  • How The Blair Witch Project lead the way for small-budget productions like The Battery and Jug Face
  • Jennifer rants entertainingly about Rob Zombie, Amanda Palmer, and crowdfunding
  • A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it LMFAO reference, and a mention of Christian Bale’s spectacular on-set meltdown
  • Montoure has this episode’s “Fuck This Noise” moment, with the indie horror feature “All Cheerleaders Die”

Let us know what you think, and thanks for listening!