Show update

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Hello, listeners of Don’t Read the Latin!

I have come to the realization that I no longer have the ability to give my life the attention it needs and also keep a steady output on Don’t Read the Latin.

So, we call it a day after a beautiful 7 year run. Thanks so much for listening.

Podcast update!

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I have decided  to extend my hiatus into summer. I plan to come back with new episodes and new guests and relaunch Don’t Read the Latin and celebrate the new format that was created in the last year. See you all then!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 128: Horror With Kate Newman!

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Ready for more formative horror talk? Well, this episode’s guest is another Minnesotan, friend of the show Kate Newman, and she’s bringing Bride of Frankenstein and Run with her! Plus, Jennifer Lovely finally gets to list off all the movies she’s been watching for the past month!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 127: Femisode – Promising Young Woman

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Hey everyone, welcome to the first of what hopefully will be many little interlude episodes where we focus on a single movie; what we’re calling Femisodes. Jennifer Lovely is joined by Kim Douthit of City of Geek and Ghoulish Tendencies to talk about the newly released Promising Young Woman. Spoilers abound here for a movie that’s only been out for a few days at this point, so be warned!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 126: Top Ten of 2020!

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Flip those calendars and rejoice, for the hell year is dead! But let’s take one last look back at the movies that gave us joy in the Dark Times with Jennifer Lovely and returning guest Kim Douthit of City of Geek and Ghoulish Tendencies. Plus, a very loud and purring appearance by podcat Maggie. Enjoy!

(FYI, my top movie for 2020 was Underwater)

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 125: Horror With Jordan Crucchiola!

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Happy Holidays from DRtL! This time, Jennifer Lovely is welcoming the inestimable Jordan Crucchiola: journalist, movie buff, and now podcaster!

They sit down to talk Korean cinema, some fave holiday flicks, and then get down to brass tacks with Jordan’s picks: Event Horizon and Doctor Sleep. This one’s a doozy of a conversation full of great info and analysis, though I am slightly offended Jordan didn’t call out an actor that I think is very underrated in Hollywood: Jack Noseworthy.

Catch up with all of Jordan’s projects on her Twitter or on her Patreon! Enjoy the feast!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 124: Horror With Abie Ekenezar!

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Hey everyone, sorry about being late but there were some audio issues I was trying to fix. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty good now.

Which is a shame, because this episode is pretty damn good if I say so in my completely unbiased opinion! This week’s guest is the fabulous actor and director Abie Ekenezar, and there’s not even a What Have You Watched segment, they just jump right into talking about the PNW film scene, Get Out, and Lovecraft Country. You can find her and get updates on her current projects on pretty much any social media as @babsek79 .

Hope you all enjoy!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 123: Horror With Kate Rowles!

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Hey listeners, we’re back! Man, that election week sure was stressful, huh? Glad that’s all over with now, right? Right? Yeesh.

This episode, Jen chats with Kate Rowles, long time horror fan and 1st year law student making her podcasting debut! Her two picks are Battle Royale and The Autopsy of Jane Doe, plus there’s a fair amount for Jen to go over in what she’s been watching due to the break. Enjoy, and as always spoilers abound!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 122: Horror With Sabrina Rei!

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Hey everyone, we’ve got another episode coming atcha, and this time Jennifer Lovely is talking to Sabrina Rei of the Okashi Na Podcast: Anime With Friends!

They gush about Bly Manor, talk about a werewolf movie we watched (note: her name is Riki Lindhome and she’s part of Garfunkel and Oates, sweetie), and then get into her formative and recent horror movies: House (the William Katt/Richard Moll one) and Ready or Not. As always, spoilers for those two abound, so be warned!

Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 121: Horror With Thekla Lovely!

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Hello, listeners! This time around Jennifer Lovely‘s scheduled guest had to reschedule, so she decided to talk to her daughter, Thekla, about her burgeoning interest in horror. Thekla’s been getting into horror and anime, so they discuss those, as well as the kiddo’s picks of Coraline and Black Christmas 2019. Enjoy!