Episode One: Why We Love Horror

Posted on May 09 2014 in Episodes

Well, yesterday saw us off to a good start, when your host Jennifer Lovely posted a link to our preview episode on Tumblr, and it got re-blogged a surprising number of times – largely thanks to Jillian Venters. Thanks, Auntie Jilli! We had nearly 300 visitors, which is nothing to sneeze at. People are already starting to find and follow our social media accounts, which is great to see.

And now, we’re pleased to present our first actual episode! We talk about our backgrounds in horror, how we spent our childhoods growing up with it, and how we each in our own way used it to escape. We also cover some of our early influences, including Stephen King, the Nightmare on Elm Street films, the Friday the 13th TV series, Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, and more. Give it a listen.

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