DRtL Episode 44: Monster Movies!

Posted on Jun 20 2016 in Episodes

While we’ve done episodes on various kinds of monsters in the past — werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and more — this is the first time we’re tackling the subject of, well, just monsters! Creature features of all kinds!

In order to tackle this Godzilla-sized task, we’ve enlisted the help of this episode’s special guest star, Jennifer’s very own Handsome Boyfriend Jim! We’ve also split this session into two hour-long episodes, because we talked a lot.

This time, join us as we talk about what makes a monster, why we all have trouble making the Universal Monsters fit our definition, and more.

We’ll be back with the conclusion next Monday!


(Technical Note: This episode doesn’t have the terrible audio problems that we had last time. We went back to our more traditional USB microphone setup with a little fine-tuning by Jim, but we will be troubleshooting what went wrong with the audio recorder last time.)

(Non-technical Note: You’ll notice there are no tags for this episode yet. This is because I wrote down all the movies we talked about in a notebook, which I forgot to bring with me when I went to post this. Whoops! I will go back in and tag this post later, so check back if you’re curious. Sorry!)

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