DRtL Episode 47: Ghostbusters! (Part One!)

Posted on Aug 09 2016 in Episodes

“Peter Venkman has a lot to answer for in modern society.”

Who ya gonna call?! Well — you can’t call us, exactly, because this is all pre-recorded. (But you can always post comments at our website, and review us on iTunes!)

That’s right, ghosts and ghoulies — Don’t Read the Latin is back with a special two-part episode! For the first time in the entire history of ever, we’re devoting an entire episode to a single franchise! We were so excited by the new Ghostbusters movie, we decided it was time to sit down with some of our favorite guests and talk about Ghostbusters in all media past and present.

Join your hosts Michael Montoure and Jennifer Lovely and our guests Jillian Venters, Jeff Harris, and Handsome Boyfriend Jim for a look at the original films and the animated series! (But first, a discussion of the horror movies we’ve seen lately! If you just want to skip ahead to the Ghostbusters content, it starts at the 24 minute, 27 second mark.)

Then join us in two weeks for Part Two as we discuss the videogame and the 2016 reboot — and the Internet controversy it’s spawned!


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2 Responses to “DRtL Episode 47: Ghostbusters! (Part One!)”

  1. You know, as much as I love “Ghostbusters” I was always a little skeeved by Peter Venkman. Even as I nine-year-old I was side-eyeing him during his introduction, when he, a scientist and teacher, manipulates the negative-reinforcement ESP test so he can get a date with a student. Dude. Not cool.

  2. Absolutely, I adore Bill but Peter Venkman..

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