Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 66: Classic Black and White Gems!

Posted on Oct 09 2017 in Episodes

Hey, Don’t Read the Latin listeners, it’s time for another episode, and this one’s done in black and white. Maybe some grays and sepia, too.

This week’s co-host is returning favorite Rhias Hall of The Villain Edit, and she and Jennifer drink habanero cider and talk classic colorless cinema they love. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Don’t Read The Latin! Episode 66: Classic Black and White Gems!”

  1. Oh wow, “Thirteen Women”! It’s a great example of how a film adaptation can improve on the source material — the screenwriters portray Ursula, the villain played by Myrna Loy, far more sympathetically than novelist Tiffany Thayer, and smartly killed off the heroine’s husband, thus changing Irene Dunne’s Laura Stanhope from a wet blanket wife to an independent widow.

    I can’t recall if you mentioned this in the podcast, but “Corridor of Mirrors,” aside from being a nifty gothic thriller, features Christopher Lee’s very first film performance, as one of the heroine’s friends in the nightclub scene at the start.

  2. While being aware it was Christopher Lee’s first movie I completely forgot to mention it! Thank you!

    Also I may have to look into that book.

    – Jennifer

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