Episode Twelve: Vampires!

Posted on Nov 01 2014 in Episodes

Oh my God, you guys, you guys — Halloween is coming!

Or at least, it was when we recorded this episode, but now it’s November 1st. A little anticlimactic, we realize.

This time out, we discuss those bloodsucking fiends, those children of the night, those stalwart standbys of the Halloween silver screen: vampires! From the good, the bad, to the ridiculous, we discuss all the vampires we have known and loved.


2 Responses to “Episode Twelve: Vampires!”

  1. I discovered this podcast through Jillian Venters’ tumblr and I’m loving it as I love horror films and you are both so good at making it seem to the listener as if we’re having a conversation with friends (relaxed, easy, humorous but informative).

    I would be interested to hear both your opinions on Nadja (1994). I loved it when I first discovered it at as a late teenager, but it didn’t hold up so much to repeat viewings (IMO it’s still good though, very stylish, but a little slow).

  2. I’m glad you found us, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the show!

    …. Oh, man, Nadja. I’m … pretty sure I saw that one when it came out? But it hasn’t stuck in my memory *at all.* I’ll have to give that one a rewatch.

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