Episode Seventeen: We Kind of Like the 90’s!

Posted on Jan 23 2015 in Episodes


Hello, boys and ghouls, welcome back once again to another episode of Don’t Read the Latin! This time, after our in-depth two-part episode on the 80’s, we’re going to dive into a, well, slightly less-loved decade, but one that still has more than a few gems in it. Join us, won’t you? You’ll learn more about Jennifer’s seemingly random Hollywood crushes, the too-cool-for-film-school pretentiousness of The Addiction and The Prophecy, and which movie features Billy Zane at his Billy Zaniest!

Bonus YouTube Videos!
In our discussion of Stigmata (oh, Stigmata, you’re not a good movie, but we kind of like you anyway), Jennifer brings up a Chumbawumba song from the soundtrack that’s really kind of awesome. If you’ve only ever heard that “I get knocked down” drinking song of theirs, you really need to put this in your ear-holes.


Finally, here’s the channel introduction for Count Jackula, the horror review show that we mention:

2 Responses to “Episode Seventeen: We Kind of Like the 90’s!”

  1. I saw Demon Knight about 10+ years ago on UK TV late one night and loved it. However it has never been available over here on DVD. I am so tempted to just buy the R1 two-pack with Bordello of Blood but I don’t really like doing that because I am a lending library for my friends so it’s something that they can’t watch (or will have to watch on the PC like I would have to, if they can). I love sharing media I enjoy.

    Another 90s film that I love despite it probably not being objectively a very good film is Brainscan (1994?). Talk about your weird crushes, I have a huge weird crush on Trickster (who I’m partly convinced is an avatar of a trickster/mischief god like Loki – helps he has red hair I guess…).

    Are you guys looking to do a ‘Satanic/Occult’ horror episode? Because that would be a great idea IMO.

    If I can be (more) irritating I would like to request a higher volume on your podcasts if possible. It must be my monitor not having a high enough volume setting but I though I can usually hear Michael there are times where I really struggle to hear Jen so I would really appreciate it if there’s something you can do on your end.

  2. I remember liking Brainscan, even though I didn’t think it was very good …. 🙂

    We just did a Satanic/Occult episode — Episode Eighteen, Shout at the Devil! What did you think?

    You’re not the first person to have issues with uneven volume on the podcast. We’re working on it — let me know if Episode Eighteen sounds any better. Thanks!

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