DRtL Episode 20: Guilty Pleasures!

Posted on Mar 10 2015 in Episodes

First, a word of warning. At one point during this episode, we propose a drinking game — that you drink every time we say something to the effect of, “This is not a good movie.” Do not do this. You will die.

That said — join Michael and Jennifer as we drag our secret stash of schlock out from the back of our video collections into the light. First we define just exactly what it is we mean when we call something a “guilty pleasure,” and then we’re off and running! Expect lots of giggling in this episode.

One Response to “DRtL Episode 20: Guilty Pleasures!”

  1. I love Stay Alive! I had been wanting to see it for a while but it was pretty hard to get for some reason, then I found it in a 2nd hand DVD shop. It is awful, especially the game graphics and the bastardisation of the Countess Bathory story, but it is completely one of my guilty pleasures.

    Also Urban Legend. Partly because I find urban legends fascinating, partly because Danielle Harris, partly because of who the killer is, it’s really unusual.

    I won’t mention every one, I promise – but Warlock, so much love for Warlock. Another one I hunted down, because Julian Sands being evil is one of my panty-dropping moments. He’s just so alien and naturally immoral (amoral?) in his behaviour. Mrrr. The second one was just terrible, and I don’t hate myself enough to watch the third. I do wonder why he’s never named though – I guess if names give power maybe they don’t know it, as surely they would’ve used any weapon they had against him…

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